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i just got back from canadia

i own the most outrageously cute skirt ever. my skirt owns your skirt. yeah bitch.

i kinda wanna make a stop at el value worldo. i think i'm going to spend some hardcore gift certificates tomorrow and possibly buy some new clothes too. because i'm a loser who is always buying new clothes. always.

oh yeah. and i won 800 tickets in the game room with emilie's snappy lucky fingers and purchased myself one killerly hot strawberry shortcake watch. i know. i know. too hot for words.

it even has interchangeable faces. beyond the greatest and into the valley of cooler than you.

i have narcolepsy stuck in my head.

        ...a nightmare loop of what went wrong yesterday...

i can't sing though. my nose is stuffy because i'm sick and all that nastly grossoscity jazz. and i'd never do mr. jenkins justice, which would drive me to extreme and irrevocable sadness.

i really want to see peter pan. hey. i should make peter go see it with me because HIS NAME'S PETER TOO. that's just way way too carazy.

i take terribly awful pictures. i'm the least photogenic persona of all time. emilie will post them in her journal most likely. and i will cry. cry the tears of a person who is unwillingly exposed to the world.

red hair only looks good on people with pale skin.

remember that kids.

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